Configure Umbraco to use Azure AD for Back Office user authentication

Authentication In Umbraco Umbraco CMS (v7.9.2) features a well known and standard username/password scenario for handling authentication. This can be fine but corporate Umbraco adapters would probably not be to happy when we ask them to remember one more password as well as giving up centralized user account management. Corporations who’s IT is Microsoft based …

Automate Business Processes using Azure Active Directory and Office 365

“How Office 365 and Azure Active Directory is imperative to creating value by harvesting multiple best of breed products and combining them to create one seamless solution” Authentication Experience Authentication is the process of making sure that a user is who he says he is. Most applications need to identify its users – and as …

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Hi, my name is Rúni Juul Thomsen and I’m a programmer, father, entrepreneur, boyfriend, software developer, consultant, guitar player, advisor and many many other things.

This site and blog is about Software Development and Business and its purpose is, for you to be able to find me and hire me as an advisor, consultant or freelancer so here are a few words about me:

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and my passion is creating new business and innovations. I have been working for 18 years developing software for the enterprise, which I take great pride in doing.

As founder of the IT Consultancy firm Delegate and co-founder of a Software Product firm, MailTalk, I spent the last 11 years growing Delegate from inception to the successful company it is today.

Currently I spend my time developing new businesses as well as offering my services as a Software Consultant and advisor.

Specialties: Start-ups, IT-Consultancy, Product Development, Software Development, Corporate Governance and Strategy, Board Member.


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